Counseling Services Excellence at Gallatin Psychotherapy in Bozeman


We provide the best, most powerful professional counseling services. We work with adults and couples in Bozeman and beyond.

At Gallatin Psychotherapy, conveniently located in Bozeman, we deliver powerful, proven counseling services to address the needs of our community. We work with wonderful people, individuals and couples, providing weekly counseling and fast and powerful 3-5 day intensives. We treat stress, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, self-esteem and relationship issues. We work with couples to transform negative patterns and heal relationship wounds. We want everyone to live the most happy and fulfilling life possible.



In addition to regular weekly counseling services, we offer intensive services for individuals or couples, designed to accomplish months of therapy in 3-5 days. Intensive services are appropriate for couples in crisis, and for individuals or couples who simply want to work powerfully and quickly to change negative patterns, heal wounds, or tackle unresolved issues. Intensive services for couples are appropriate for those who want to transform their relationship, as well as for couples who wish to work together to face and heal the mental health challenges of one individual.